Charla con Rod Chavez de Google Talk

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El miércoles 28 de Octubre a las at 9:00 AM PST (16:00 UTC/GMT) en esta sala de charla se podrá charlar y hacer preguntas a Rod Chavez de Google Talk.

Aqui podrás encontrar las preguntas que se fueron proponiendo para la charla. Si quieres puedes anotar las tuyas. Puedes conectar con cualquier cliente Jabber/XMPP o con el cliente web desarrollado por Jive Software. Instrucciones sobre cómo conectarse puedes encontrarlas aquí.

Google Talk es un buen ejemplo de un servidor Java altamente escalable por lo que los esperamos en el chat!

Acerca de Rod Chavez:

Rod Chavez, Engineering Manager, Google
Rod has been working in software engineering for over 15 years at a variety of companies, among them Borland International, Microsoft, BEA Systems and now Google. Always on the developer side of things, he's helped ship Paradox for Windows, dBase for Windows, IE4, IE5, WebLogic Workshop 7.0 and 8.1 and now Google Talk.

When not at work he enjoys a sunny round of golf, a cut-throat game of poker and a fine bottle of wine. Not necessarily in that order.


-- Jive Software Team


Ya se ha realizado la charla

Ya se ha realizado la charla podeis ver de que se hablo.

Some interesting things from the chat:

* Google chose XMPP over all other IM standards based on extensive client and server support and the active community. Having an open protocol is of strategic value to them.
* Google Talk was started by a team of three and is now five engineers (on the service side, the Google Talk client is another team).
* Rod sees IM and voice as the first two killer apps, but they plan on building out more very interesting applications over time -- read the chat for more details. ;)
* On voice -- they looked at the TINS protocol but couldn't use it for a variety of reasons. They will release their own voice protocol to the community soon.
* The service is implemented using Java (JDK 1.5 and NIO). The servers are Linux. The architecture has multiple tiers. One handles client connections, another presence/session management and another talks to other Google services like GMail.
* They plan to fully support federation to other servers.
* The Google Talk team wants to get more involved in the XMPP community.

La charla empieza a las 6 en

La charla empieza a las 6 en España el 28 de septiembre (en 45 minutos)
# -- moderated, read-only room. (Para la entrevista)
# -- open room. (Para sugerir preguntas)
En la web pone .org pero es .com